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About us

About Us

Inner Tribe is a membership platform, where entrepreneurs, founders and startups can connect and master the skills to gain traction, grow and get funded.

It’s founded by several serial impact and technology entrepreneurs, who share their entrepreneurial and fundraising experience. We’ve raised several millions in pre-seed and seed rounds for our own start ups and have helped 100s of startups grow their business and get millions in seed funding.

Whether you are a early stage startup entrepreneur or scale up one, our inner tribe will help you master the skills needed to take you to the next level.  If you’re looking for the know-how to grow your business, step-by-step plan of how to improve your traction and clarity on how to master the fundraising process, you’ve landed at the right place. 


Our Mission: 
To help over 1 million Impact Entrepreneurs to master fundraising and land investment so they can grow their impact.

Our Vision: 
To give startups the know-how, mentorship and the tools needed to scale up their business and create a long lasting impact. 

Our Values:
Impact, Entrepreneurship, Passion, Integrity, Value, Transparancy, Growth & Over Delivery

The Why, How & What

We believe that impact entrepreneurs are the main drivers to make the world a better and healthier place. By helping impact entrepreneurs to get investments we support the development of sustainable products and solutions and make sure that our world will be our home for generations to come. 

Through our membership we provide impact entrepreneurs with the know-how, tools, templates, coaching, support, mentorship and systems so they can master the fundraising, gain product/market fit, increate their traction and scale up their business.

We help startups get funding and grow their business.  

Our Team



Jeroen van der Heide

Jeroen van der Heide

Ecopreneur and co-founder of Inner Tribe.

Jeroen is an energetic and creative entrepreneur who likes to think outside the box. His experience launching two circular economy startups means he has seen it all.

He knows the processes of crowdfunding and investor pitching first hand, and has helped more than 100 impact tech companies to build their investor deck and introduced them to impact investors to get funded.

Merijn Kegel

Merijn Kegel

Online Marketing Expert and co-founder of Inner Tribe

Merijn is a creative thinker, successful entrepreneur, author and online-marketing ‘whiz-kid’ who started his first company ‘Webalist Webmarketing’ in 2005, which now helps more than 600 companies to expand their business.

As a business mentor Merijn helps entrepreneurs to grow their business with less effort and better results. He also authored a book about how to start a company from an idea in 6 easy steps (ACROSS).

Silja Thor

Silja Thor

Startup Coach and co-founder of Inner Tribe

Silja is passionate about helping startups grow. She started her first business at 20 years old. Silja has started three startups, a few service businesses and joined early on in a few others. She has lived and worked in 9 countries and has run businesses in Iceland, UK, India, Uganda, Nigeria, Belgium and Netherlands. Silja has experience with every stage of business  from idea, launching the product/project, getting investors, scaling up, pivoting and selling the business. 

Mentorship has been instrumental to Silja in the past, and it is what she is passionate about providing to other entrepreneurs now.