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Do you want to know how to keep your investor pitch deck simple and effective? Investors have high standards, and for good reason. They want to be sure that their money isn’t going to be wasted. To impress them you need a good startup, but to show a good startup, you need a good pitch deck. There are some basics to keep in mind if you want to keep your pitch deck simple and effective. If you hold to these standards you can be sure to look professional in your meeting. 



We have seen sloppy investor pitch decks can have many shapes and sizes. The most common mistake we see is a lack of identity. Your pitch deck is an extension of your startup’s brand. So make sure that you have standardized colors, fonts, imagery, logos, etc. Thematic consistency shows you have put in the time and effort to develop your identity. Please, don’t use any of the standard themes in Office or Google Slides, they always look like they were slapped together last minute. Additionally, the job of the slides is to make you and your startup look good, not to dazzle people with fancy visuals. Steer clear of fancy transitions and gifs. A good rule of thumb is that it needs to look the same printed out as it does on a screen.


Keep it brief

You never want to overwhelm your audience with your investor pitch deck. Not only should your visuals stay simple and professional, you need to keep the amount of slides to a maximum of ~15. All the important information about your startup should be able to fit into 15 slides.This limit will help you think about how you present your information efficiently. It makes sure that the pitch deck stays easy to navigate, and information is easily referred back to during the questions round. If you can’t fit your information in the slides you have, you need to rethink how you are presenting it. 


No paragraphs

One of the most common mistakes in messy investor pitch decks is writing down your whole story in the slides. During a pitch meeting, the talking should be done by you, not your slides. Bullet points, graphs, images, and other easy to digest info are great to put onto a slide. But text needs to stay to a minimum. For example, you are illustrating your mission and vision. Keep the mission and vision statements on the slide short and to the point. If you want to give additional information, such as where these statements come from, that is up to you to explain. The slide should only ever be an aid to what you’re saying, not contain the entire script of your pitch.

By following these basic rules should help you on your way to creating a great pitch deck. If you would like to know more about how to build the ultimate pitch deck, sign up for our pitch deck blueprint.  O yes before I forget we also hosting an amazing Masterclass on November 3rd to get you investment ready by 2021. We will keep you posted.

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Did we forget anything that bothers you about bad pitch decks? Let us know your biggest pitch deck pet peeves in the comments! We would love to read them.