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Jeroen was the reason why I chose to partner up with Impakt Tribe. His knowledge and experience in the fashion industry gave me good comfort that he was the right person to help my startup get to a bigger level. Are you a founder of a fashion company and need help to convince investors to invest in you? Or maybe have some trouble with your business model? Get in touch with Jeroen. He is the definitely the best man for the job!

6 december 2018

Nelli Jeloudar

Co-founder BundleBoon

Jeroen is a truly competent and dedicated fashion expert. He’s able to get right to the core of your idea and supports you in preparing your Investor deck for investors. I highly recommend Jeroen.

11 november 2018

Edwin Rojer

Founder Outfox

Jeroen was extremely supported and gave very useful advice on the eve of delivering an important Investor deck. I believe him to be a talented coach, an excellent listener and an insightful observer of innovations and investor sentiment. Big thanks Jeroen.

16 september 2018

Lea Estherhuizen

Founder & Wider

I met Jeroen while participating in a start-up accelerator in Amsterdam called Fashion for Good. I immediately liked Jeroen because he encouraged me come to my own conclusions and ideas with his guidance. He build an amazing Impact investor deck which allowed me to get the funding I needed. He’s an empowering type of consultant and I highly recommend working with him.

30 october 2017

Jane Palmer

Founder nature coatings

Jeroen is my current mentor as part of the Fashion for Good Accelerator program. In little time, from just a few sessions both face to face and on Skype, Jeroen has added significant value in my presentations flow and strategy. His input has been and is critical to the program and for the success of my startup. Anyone working with Jeroen will gain instant value from his feedback and knowledge during mentorship sessions.

22 october 2017

Neliana Fuenmayor

Oprichter A Transparant Company

Learn how to build an Impact Investor deck that Impact Investors want to read!

Note: Note that according to research done by DocSend, investors spend on average 3 minutes and 44 seconds per investor deck.