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Pitching may seem simple: You make some slides that show off your big idea, some more slides to explain the business, and you don’t forget to introduce yourself, and you’re there.

Right? Wrong 😉

You need more than a pitch deck.

Your pitch deck itself does indeed not have to be all-encompassing. But there is more homework that you need to show.

Here we will give you a quick overview of all the things you cannot forget to send along with your pitch deck.


You need a teaser. This is maybe two pages, typically made in PDF and well designed as well. It’s a super high-level overview of what you do.

Think of it like the products a store puts in their window to lure the customer in.

Short deck

You need a short deck. This is what most people think of as a slide deck.

Aim for about 15 slides, in which you go over the product, the team, the market, and some due diligence.

If you would like to know more about how to make your pitch deck simple and effective, read our blog post on that subject here.

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Financial model

This is often in the form of a spreadsheet. In it, you dive deeper into the financial status of your startup.

This is the kind of detail that you obviously cannot supply in a short deck, but is still valuable for your prospective investors to study.

Due Diligence Folder

It is important to put together a portfolio that dives deep into the facts and figures. You want to give a birds-eye-view of this in your short deck, and show the details in this folder.

We go into more detail on this in our free e-book, more about that in a bit.


Email is often going to be your first contact with an investor, you need to make sure that you set the tone right.

Make sure that you have thought about what your emails will look like, and how you will follow up on them. 

Free eBook

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